"The theatre is my life:
This site summarizes all my life."

Constantino Juri

Ir a la Portada
He was born in Mórrison, Province of Córdoba, Argentina. He completed his secondary studies and his university degree in the city of Córdoba. He has dedicated all his professional life to the theatre, as an actor, director, opera stage director, lecturer and teacher.

In 1963, he obtained a scholarship from the Italian Government and under the sponsorship of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (National Arts Fund) he took an advanced course of stage direction in the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D’Amico and a course for opera stage direction in the National Academy of Music Santa Cecilia in Rome.

He made his debut in the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires with Pergolesi’s La Serrva Padrona in 1967.

He has worked in the most important theatres in Argentina and other countries, such as de Sodre and Solis theatres in Montevideo (Uruguay), the Municipal Theatre of Santiago de Chile, the Municipal theatres of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the Bellas Artes of Mexico and in Spain in the opera theatres of Oviedo, Bilbao and Málaga. He has all participated in the International Opera Festivals of Grand Canary (Spain) and Reims (France).

He has participated in the artistic tours of the Colón Theatre’s Chamber Opera Company at the Cervantino Festival of Mexico, the Contemporary Music Festival of Washington (USA), the Caracas Festival (Venezuela) and the Vienna Festival (Austria).

He has staged approximately 80 operas of the grand opera repertoire of composers such as Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Donizetti, Massenet, Gounod, Mozart, Bizet and Bellini among others. He has staged the premieres in Argentina of Pergolesi’s Lo Frate ´Nnamurato, Fioravanti’s Le Cantatrice Villane, Donizetti’s L´Aglio nell´Imbarazzo and Rita, Ricci’s Crispino e la Comare, Cherubini’s Il Crescendo and Verdi’s I Masnadieri and the worldwide premieres of Guidi Drei’s Medea and Camargo Guarnieri’s Pedro Malasartes., all in the Colón Theatre except the last title which he staged in the Alvear Theatre in Buenos Aires.

He has directed Argentine singers such as: Luisa Sofia, Angel Mattiello, Bruno Tommaselli, Renato Sassola, Luisa Bartoletti, Tota de Igarzabal, Jose Nait, Luis Lima, Laura Rizzo, Marcelo Álvarez, Dario Volonte, Virginia Toal, etc. and worldwide singers such as: Alfredo Kraus, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Fiorenza Cosotto, Viorica Cortez, Sumi Jo, Raina Kabaivanska, Ghena Dimitrova, Giuseppi Tadei, Fedora Barbieri, Anna Moffo, Jaime Aragal, Juan Pons, Yasuko Hayashi, Renato Brusson, James MacCracken, Leo Nucci, Giorgio Zancanaro, Giovanna Casola, Neil Shicof, Alain Fondary, Karen Armstrong, Giuseppe Giaccomini, Jennifer Larmore, Nicola Giuselev, Sharon Sweet, Vicenzo La Scola, Luigi Roni, Raquel Pierotti, Gilber Py, Paolo Gavanelli, Francisco Ortiz, Antonio Bararsorda, etc.

He has worked with the following orchestra directors: Enrique Sivieri, Juan Emilio Martini, Michelangelo Veltri, Mario Perusso, Reinaldo Censabella, Giuseppe Morelli, Antono Copola, Anton Guadagno, Giuliano Carella, Enrico Morelenbaum, Fernando Álvarez, Antonello Allemandi, Antonio D’Almeida, Eugene Kohn, Gian Paolo Sanzogno, Antonio Russo, Marcelo Panni, Romano Gandolfi, Jules Rudel, Carlos Giraudo, Jorge Rubio, Guillermo Brizzio, Theo Alcantara, Lukas Karatinos, Carlos Calleja, Jorge Carciofolo, etc.

He has also staged zarzuelas, operetas and musical comedies such as Luisa Fernanda and Die Fledermaus in 1994 and 2000 respectively, in the Avenida Theatre in Buenos Aires. Hello Dolly with Nati Mistral in the Astral Theatre in Buenos Aires in 1996 and the world premiere in 1990 of Revolver a musical of Carlos Gardel’s life in the Casino Theatre of Paris starring Jairo.

He has also staged in Argentina across the years more than 40 plays both of local and foreign authors. Amongst which are: The Three Obssesions by Malfatti and de las Llanderas, Goldoni’s Mirandolina, Podesta’s The Old Face, Noel Coward’s and Blythe Spirit, Kaiser’s A day in October, F. Sanchez’ My son, the doctor, Figueiredo’s The fox and the grapes, Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Ernest, Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite, D. Varga’s The Ruling and The Daughters of Saint Rosa (both world premieres), Del Valle Inclan’s The Farse of the Dragon’s Head, Gregorio Laferre’s Summer madness, Blackwell’s Alpha-Beta, Edgard Neville’s The Ball (he received the Best Director Award for this staging) and the world premiere of Duse, The Divine by Maria Elena Sardi with Rosa María Gallo at the San Martín Theatre in Buenos Aires.

He has worked with actors and actresses such as Amelia Bence, María Rosa Gallo, Duilio Marzio, Luis Politti, Carlos Muñóz, Alejandra da Passano, Esteban Peláez, Alicia Bruzzo, Marta González, Nśtor Hugo Rivas, Roberto Palandri, Enrique Kossi, Nini Gambier, Alberto Argibay, Mario Giusti, Zelmar Gueñol, Eva Dongé, Ricardo Rossini, Carlos Alberto Álvarez, Lilian Riera amongst others.

He was professor of theatre at the University of Córdoba and at the Colón Theatre’s Institute of Art. He directed the Province of Buenos Aires Comedy Company and the first National School of Theatre of General Roca, Province of Río Negro, Argentina
He was decorated by the Italian Republic with the Cavalliere dell’Ordine al Merito order.
He was named as Best Director of the Year in 1986 and 1994 by the Verdi Association of Argentina for his staging of Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West and Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffmann in the Colón Theatre.
He was awarded the Ugarit Award of the Arts by the Association of Argentine-Arab Professionals.
He is a member of the Argentine Academy of Music.
In 1999 he received the Konex Prize’s Certificate of Merit in Classical Music.

He has dictated theatre Master Classes for singers and actors in Argentina in cities such as Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and General Roca (Río Negro).
From 2000 till 2003 he has taught theatrical technique for singers in Logrosan (Extremadura, Spain).
In 2003 he was invited by the Queen Sophia Conservatory to dictate Master Classes on lyrical theatre for singers.

He inaugurated the Buenos Aires Colón Theatre’s 2003 season with Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra. That same year he staged Puccini’s La Bohème in the Argentino Theatre of La Plata and in Almendralejo (Extremadura, Spain), Moreno Torroba’s zarzuela Luisa Fernanda.

On 31st October 2004 at the 137 Anniversary of the founding of his native town, Mórrison (Córdoba), an Art Prize was created bearing his name.

On 23rd October 2004 in the Argentino Theatre of La Plata he staged the world premiere of Jorge Fontenla’s opera Springtime Sonata with libretto by Alejandro Fontenla based on Del Valle Inclan’s novel.

The Colon Theatre of Buenos Aires (Argentina) engages him to direct Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermor with Argentine, Italian and American singers, the orchestra being directed by Maestro Antonio Piroli.

In August that same year he directs in the Melico Salazar Theater of Cost Rica Moreno Torroba's “Luisa Fernanda” with singers from the Colon Theatre (Buenos Aires) and Spanish singers, the orchestra being directed by Maestro Javier Logioia Orbe.

In the year 2006 again in Costa Rica and in the same Melico Salazar Theatre he directs Puccini's La Boheme with Argentine and Costa Rican singers, the orchestra being directed by Maestro Mario Perusso. In November with the same cast and orchestra director he directs Puccini's La Boheme in Guatemala in the Miguel Angel Asturias National Theatre. At the end of 2006 in the city of Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain he directs Moreno Torroba's Luisa Fernanda with Spanish singers.

On 1 st February 2007 he starts a tour through several Central American countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama directing Rossini's The Barber of Seville. The singers from the Colon Theatre of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Guatemala and Italy, the orchestra being directed by Maestro Bruno D'Astoli. The tour had great success with the critics and the public.

In July he is engaged by the Argentino Theatre of La Plata , Argentina, to direct Puccini's Madame Butterfly with a Japanese singer in the leading role and Argentine and Uruguayan singers, the orchestra being directed by Maestro Javier Logioia Orbe.

In November due to the creation of the Opera Workshop of the Moncloa District in Madrid, Spain, he directs Donizetti' L'Elisir D'Amore with singers from the Royal Music School and the Queen Sofia Royal Conservatory, Madalit Llamazares being the Musical Director. The performances took place in the Moncloa Cultural Centre and in the Auditorium of the Madrid School of Medicine.

In February 2008 and with other singers of the mentioned Workshop he directed Rossini's The Barber of Seville. The Musical Director again was Madalit Llamazares.

Continuing with the same Opera Workshop he directed on 26 th April Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte, also in the Moncloa Cultural Centre and in the Auditorium of the Madrid School of Medicine.

Contracted by the Direction of Cordoba Comedy, premiered with great success on June 24, 2011 "Los Tres Berretines" farce-comedy Malfatti and De Las Llanderas.

With Opera Siglo XXI and conduction of Madalit Lamazares, he has staged in Madrid in 2008, "Marina" Arrieta, in 2009 "La Cenerentola" by Rossini, "Suor Angelica" by Puccini, "La Traviata" by Verdi. In 2010 "I Pagliacci" by Leoncavallo, in 2011 "The Magic Flute" by Mozart. In 2012 "Madama Butterfly" Puccini's "Fidelio" by Beethoven, "Rigoletto" by Verdi in 2013 "La Bohème" by Puccini.