"The theatre is my life:
This site summarizes all my life."

Constantino Juri

Ir a la Portada
It is not easy for me to talk about myself. I only know that when I am in the Theatre I want to be in Music and when I am in Music I want to be in the Theatre.
My only premise is to be true to myself.

I was not mistaken when I chose this, my career, the most beautiful and the most cruel. It steals my soul, my heart, life itself, but a single applause will compensate for all this and more.

It is not easy to live in my world, inwardly convulsed, but you make such a marvelous discovery when I realize that all my fears and all my magic allow me to reach the heart of the public, final referent of our message of Faith, Love and Artistic Dignity.

Constantino Juri
1999 - Constantino JURI - La Traviata - Curtain calls